Hola folks! Welcome to my artwork space! :)


Finally it is done and real now! My private studio in Brighton is ready and up and running now.

I just wanted to remind you that my place is not a traditional tattoo parlour. I won't have walk in tattoos or pop in visitors.

It is not a commercial shop. This is my personal space for developing my artwork projects: drawing, photography, tattooing and design.

Something like my art atelier! :)


Like many private studios around Europe, mine works strictly by appointment, so if you have any enquiry, please do it by email or through the contact form of this website. I am going to get back to you as soon as possible.

Notice that I ALWAYS reply emails. If you don't get my response, please check your spam, unwanted or trash folder.

Before dropping me a line, please read these important things

Include on your email the following information:

  • Detailed explanation of the tattoo you would like and any meaning behind it.

  • Place on the body and requested size.

  • Pictures of tattoos or artwork you like. In fact, in order to be aligned with your idea, sometimes images, texts and music could be a source of inspiration for me, so please attach to the message any relevant information in order to start picturing your tattoo in my head.

  • Image of the body part that you would like to tattoo, specially if we are talking about a cover up design.

  • The country and city were you live.

  • Your age and if you are tattooed already and where.



I DO NOT TATTOO PEOPLE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD, so if you are young, please bring your ID with you.


Thanks a lot and see you next time!! :)

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